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Although the pharmaceutical industry in Egypt is very well-established, it's yet to be digitally transformed. iSUPPLY is aiming to digitize and optimize the supply and demand transactions between drug manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and pharmacies through a digital B2B multi-seller marketplace that becomes a one stop shop for pharmacies where they can place all their orders across all suppliers with real-time integrated data and a frictionless ordering experience, transforming the entire pharmaceutical value chain.

We strongly believe that iSUPPLY will be the biggest decentralized digital wholesaler in the Egyptian pharmaceuticals market as they are the best-positioned to convince wholesalers to digitize and integrate in a virtual network that is owned and operated by iSUPPLY to disrupt the pharmaceutical market


Ibrahim Emam, Founder, Chief Executive Officer at i’SUPPLY. 

He has more than 20 years of experience in formulating, shaping and leading business and commercial strategies as a Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer at Ibnsina Pharm, Egypt's fastest-growing and second largest pharmaceutical distribution company.

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