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Motherbeing is the leading sexual and reproductive health platform offering educational courses, free content and self-care products catered for the Arab woman. Motherbeing offers a variety of Arabic-only, online classes for women around important topics such as menstrual health, birth preparation, a monthly women’s circle and, most recently, the first pleasure-centered and accessible sex education class. Motherbeing has proudly taught over 1000 women about their bodies and their rights.

With a successful track record reaching & educating so many women across the MENA region, Motherbeing is well positioned to disrupt the Femtech space in Egypt and the Middle East given the fact that there is a huge gap in this market and a great need for services, products and information tailored to fit the needs of the modern-day Arab woman. 


Nour Emam, Founder, Chief Executive Officer at Motherbeing. 

Nour Emam started Motherbeing on social media in Jan 2020. 

Nour is a Maternal Support Practitioner (Doula) and Sex Educator with nearly 1.5 million followers on different social medai platforms and has been a massive influence and inspiration for millions of Arab women all over the region.

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